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You've found the home of Plesiv Plays Project in the virtual space. We say welcome, please take a sit. It won't be easy. Our duty is to get in touch with as many as we can, and to widen the horizon in all the four directions if watching a photograph. Our revolution is always in motion, we are heading for the exact essence. Whatever! As the rhythm runs with us, around and inside our cerebral nerves, there is no need for answer why we feel the bright and everlasting reason. Music for Life. Plesiv Plays Project tried to invent never seen ways to bring the finest earbreaker and heartrocker, virtually brainstormer tunes under your feet and in your ears. Into your brain, after all. As you see now, it is an intermind process, represents the real consequence of our being. Not just as a moving body; much more.

Let's see how it does.



at broken bliss ||| 110428 | tilos #4 [62:09]

at afrozsiráf ||| 100104 | tilos #3 [90:49]

live @ bommbomm #8 ||| 081115 | zawar podcast [24:38]

at full vocal ||| 061123 | tilos #2 [105:07]

at mélység titka ||| 041128 | electro squad [80:30]

at radio tilos ||| 040705 [91:04]

extrafunk | fore hure ||| 040314 | backing the roots went-to-trafo-feelin' [60:07]


a weekly radio show, died before time, but listenable, downloadable and so much plesiv. was running at radio periszkóp.

plezivoszkop 001 @ radio periszkóp ||| 060916 | [60:22]

plezivoszkop 002 @ radio periszkóp ||| 060929 | [59:31]

plezivoszkop 003 @ radio periszkóp ||| 061007 | [59:45]

plezivoszkop 004 @ radio periszkóp ||| 061014 | [60:30]


09 12
||| lemezleporoló @ kirakat

then later.


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Budapest & Europe-wide extravaganza:

Bitlab Records and COD, the labels of Banyek.


Something for your mind, one of our past parties.

Elektrodisko, the floppy-style party.

Future plans are being planned. See you laters. It was a plesiv pleasure playing&talking to you.